Mario Antonio Reyes Hernandez, Mario's chinamito

I have lived in Nosara all my life. I love to be surrounded by all the people from town who I have known since I was a child whilst also being in touch with the new people and being able to learn from them. A group of people who I think should receive some attention are the children who live in the poorer areas of town. I would love to make a positive improvement in their lives and I believe the idea of a recreational center which opens doors to better opportunities is a good start. It's a good way to keep the youth away from drugs and other dangerous areas of society.

For a while I was dedicated to selling biodegradable products and I would use a portion of my earnings to buy trash bags and clean up Nosara. Although regrettably I was not making enough profits to continue and the business did not work out.

I started planning my current business “Mario’s chinamito” a few years ago and five months ago it became a reality. I wanted to create a restaurant with a different concept: traditional foods over the fire. Starting out I had trouble finding the right land, permits, equipment and transport, but I never gave up. We all go through hardship sometimes but with faith in God, a positive attitude, and believing in ourselves, we can achieve anything we set our mind to. My main objective is to make this place affordable and accessible for locals and tourists and I hope they leave with a little bit of “qué rico“.

You can find Mario's chinamito down the road from Century 21 in Downtown Guiones.

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