Gustavo Miranda Cambronero, El Mystiko Kolibri

My name is Gustavo Miranda Cambronero but you can call me Tao. I first arrived in Sámara looking for a new way of life because I found the city too complicated and monotonous, it is always the same scene with different characters, I wanted something more than that. I started studying arts and it was in this moment that I realised that cooking was my thing. I noticed when I put my food on the table the entire energy of the room changed. There is a good feeling when people enjoy the food. The two things I love most about Nosara are the people and the energy. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose somewhere with the same vibe as Nosara.

I think that the experience that we obtain from making mistakes is what makes us grow as people and teaches us a valuable lesson for the future. That is why even if I could, I wouldn't change any of my past mistakes.

Tao holding a coffee and hanging out.

I opened El Mystiko Kolibri in January of 2017 and I love this business, this is my art. I want to offer people a wide variety of food to cater to the range of diets which people have here. But my business comes second when compared to my main goal in life. I want to be a good father for my son. I want him to feel that he can learn something "taunis" from me.

You can find El Mystiko Kolibri in Gabi‘s, Downtown Guiones.

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